Small Businesses

Starting out on your first business? Want to stand out from your competitors? You better up your promotions game. It is no lie that the majority of new businesses fail in the first two years, and this is usually a result of inexperienced company owners not engaging and growing trust with their fragile customer base. Successful companies grow from the ground up, and creating a strong foundation is about gaining support from your customers, they are your best marketers, so why not give them something to shout about? Why not give all new customers their very own die struck badge with your new logo on, which are inexpensive and highly cherished. These could be given out at your opening day, and these special customers are able to access discounted rates when they show up wearing their prized badge.

You might want to start your own fashion brand, perhaps you are starting a new menswear line, just like our good customer Caton Manifesto, who created a classic looking soft enamel badge to go on all his bespoke menswear pieces only, just to show appreciation for his worldwide customer base. It really is the small details that count in your early journey of being your own boss and attracting a loyal following. Look after your customers like they are your family, they are essentially just that!