Sporting Clubs

Who doesn’t love winning a medal, whether it is gold, silver, bronze or any other colour for that matter. Medals are a great way to show participants in an event that their efforts are appreciated and valued, and their hard work whether they won or lost was worth it. We can create any type of medal, and you can split your medals up in different platings, such as bronze, silver and gold. Not to mention have your company or event details printed on the ribbon. Contact us to discuss your options. In a hurry? We have express services available too.

If you are a team with fans who adore you, there is no better way to bring your fans even closer than with the classic enamel badge, whether it is soft enamel or hard enamel, your fans will love you for it. You could sell them at your sporting events to help raise money for a new kit, transport for your team or even a new stadium! Any sporting fans would love this, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, cycling, golf, running, netball and just about any type of sport.

Our woven and embroidered patches are another great example of sporting clubs promoting themselves. Patches of honour, which can be worn on kits, bags or given out to those special fans!