This page shows you all of the bespoke jewellery we manufacture to your own specification. TWe plan to add to this range as we progress, currently specialising in Lost Wax Rings, which is a unique offering in the merchandise market. Perfect for clothing brand owners, boutique shop owners and anyone who wants their designs in 3D form on your fans hands! Want something not listed? Any of our other items can be made into jewellery too. Try us!

No matter what stage of the design process you are at, we are here to turn your idea into reality. All of our jewellery is made to a high quality and price competitive. As our slogan says, We Make Things. Simple. If there is something you need that you can’t see, just ask. We love to help.

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Lost Wax Rings

Lost Wax Jewelery Ring making is a dying art, it is time consuming and labour intensive, but the results are worth it! It is artisan work at best. We are pleased to offer this to our customers and think you will have a lot of fun with the results. The name LOST WAX comes from the process involved. A model of your design is made in wax, covered in plaster, then molten metal of your choice is poured into the plaster resulting in the wax melting away, replaced by the molten metal, which then becomes your ring. Simple, but not simple! Designs such as faces, emblems, logos and other feature full designs are perfect for this process. Due to the highly customisable nature of these products, our live price feature is not enabled. please use the enquiry form below to get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling with your designs.

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