Vegan Faux Leather Patches

Vegan Faux Leather Patches

This page shows you all of our Custom faux leather patches + labels and similar products. We manufacture to your own specification. From vegan faux leather clothing labels, faux leather patches for jeans or bags to just about any other vegan faux leather product you need. We do them all and are happy to be working towards animal free alternatives.

We work with PU, PVC, Laser Paper and other synthetic materials to create high quality, affordable, no minimum quantity vegan friendly faux leather promotional products.

Perfect for small craft based businesses, new and emerging clothing brands, young and emerged fashion designers, boutique owners and aspiring environmentally aware brands. If you need cork materials why not ask?

No matter what stage of the design process you are at, we are here to turn your idea into reality. All badges are made to a high quality and are price competitive. As our slogan says, We Make Things. Simple. If there is something you need that you can’t see, just ask. We love to help.

Introducing our bespoke custom vegan leather patches – a sustainable and cruelty-free option for elevating your brand identity. Crafted with precision, these patches offer a tactile and premium feel, providing an ethical alternative to traditional leather. Personalize them with your logo, artwork, or message, and choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to align with your brand aesthetics. Beyond their visual appeal, these patches are durable and long-lasting, ensuring your brand remains prominent over time.

Our custom vegan leather patches cater to eco-conscious businesses seeking to make a positive impact. These patches seamlessly blend style with sustainability, offering a unique way to communicate your brand ethos. Whether adorning clothing, accessories, or promotional items, these patches convey a commitment to both quality and environmental responsibility.

Embrace the future of branding with our custom vegan leather patches, where ethical choices meet bespoke craftsmanship. Stand out in the market while contributing to a more sustainable, cruelty-free world. Choose the elegance of vegan leather without compromising on style or values, making a bold statement that resonates with conscious consumers.

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Faux Leather Patches & Labels

Vegan friendly Faux Leather Patches and Labels are a great way to go for any brand or company of any size wanting to ‘make the switch’. The world of fashion and design is quickly adopting more environmentally and animal friendly approaches for their business needs, why not do your part? They are ideal for just about any application, from fashion (t shirts, jeans, scarves, hats), motorcycle clothing, workwear, forestry rangers and much more. Our vegan faux leather patches and labels are almost identical to real leather ones, so why would you not want to adopt them for your business goals? As well as that they wash better than actual leather patches too, so no shrinking or hardening. Even Levi’s adopted PU / faux leather patches in the 1980s, so that tells you something. We can create to any size, colour, shape or thickness as well. Our live price feature is not enabled on this product, please use the enquiry form below to let us know exactly what you require.

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