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Custom Chenille Patches + Fluffy Patches.

Our award winning custom chenille patches and fluffy patches are the types of patches you usually see on American varsity jackets. They are thick, fluffy and usually bright coloured in the shape of bold typeface letters (hence the name letterman jackets worn by college students).

We recommend our custom chenille patches and fluffy patches for those brands who want a little flavour of vintage americana or want to be bold and stand out a little more than usual. They can be adhered to a variety of mediums such as coats and jackets, bags, hats and even sweaters and t shirts. We can make the patches as sew on, iron on or sticky application.

The minimum order quantity on our custom Chenille patches and fluffy patches is 50 pieces. But we find the sweet spot is 100 pieces. This is where you will get the best price per piece in these lower quantities. We can cater for small start up brands as well as fully functioning wholesale brands at any stage in their business who require 5000 patches to 10,000+ patches per order.

As our custom chenille patches are a little more complex than our custom woven patches and custom embroidered patches, it is enquiry and price on application only. Please use the form below to get in touch and we will get back to you within a couple of hours usually.

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