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Bespoke Soft Enamel Medals

Our Bespoke Soft Enamel Medals are sure to bring any marathon runner back to life, no matter what the position! Not limited to runners, swimmers or cyclists, medals can be given for just about anything. Sports, life achievements, commemorations, charity fundraisers, special events, memorials and more. And with our near endless variations in medal design you are sure to make your medals stand out. They are a great marketing and branding opportunity due to their potential size, and the fact that people love to show their winning medals off either back at home or with photography and social media.

From shape, size, thickness, platings and ribbon printing logos and event information, we can cater for it all. Just tell us what you need. We will do the rest!

If you just want a simple design we can also cater for you too. Your run of medals can be split between different plating options, such as bronze, silver and gold. We can fully customise your neck ribbon also, to include your company or organisation logo or event details. So please get in touch. If you have a design then add that too, if not we can talk through your options. Don’t forget our die struck medals (no enamel fill) if you want to create something more traditional!

Please use the contact form below to tell us your requirements. A member of our team will be back in touch shortly.

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