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Silver monogram marine ring made by studio dais.Silver monogram marine ring made by studio dais.

Custom Made Signet Rings Jewellery

Custom made signet rings are making a come back! And Studio Dais are very happy to be offering them customised and personalised to your own unique designs. We offer a one to one bespoke design service to ensure your custom made signet rings are crafted to the highest standard using our time honoured design and manufacturing processes.

Signet rings are also known as family crest rings, monogram rings and coat of arms rings, religious rings, masonic rings, military rings etc. They were originally worn to show allegiance as a member to a group or family, but you can also use them for brand awareness and to connect with your fans, customers and audience in a very personal way.

We use various methods to manufacture our custom signet rings. Casting is one of the main methods, but we can also machine engrave and laser etch onto the face of your custom made rings. We have over 20 different plating options from gold, silver, antique variations as well as colour, so get in touch and tell us what you have in mind. We can work from a sketch or a polished artwork file. We can manufacture your rings from various metals. From 925 sterling silver, to plated base metals like brass or zinc alloy. These base metals can be plated to look like silver, gold, nickel, copper etc. Contact us to find out more.

Make sure to check out our LOST WAX RINGS which are more suited to larger / 3D based designs like skulls and animal heads etc.

Due to the highly customisable nature of these products, our live price feature is not enabled. please use the enquiry form below to get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling with your designs!

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