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Offset Printed Keyrings

Offset Printed Keyrings are perfect if you don’t want to sacrifice elements of your design (common with enamel pin badges), such as backgrounds and small intricate details. You can be as simple or as detailed as you like. They are extremely affordable, durable and long lasting. Perfect for weddings, memorials, family events such as births and birthdays as well as for event day giveaways for charities!

We simply print your design onto a white background and set into the custom shape metal badge base, finishing with an epoxy coating to protect the print and make your keyring ready .

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Printed Pin Badges

Offset printed pin badges use a full colour printing process to get your message across in a fun and engaging way. They make that important connection with your fans or customers instantly! The high quality print is laid into a die cut metal badge base and sealed and protected with a clear hardened epoxy coating. The base can be made from stainless steel or with custom plated brass metal. We have over 21 plating options. As well as various pin clutches such as traditional, deluxe, rubber, magnetic, safety pin and many more. You can even choose if the badge has metal edge or not, this will need a comment when you order.

From size, shape or number of colours, you have unlimited freedom. There are no limitations!

They are cheaper than enamel pin badges and have a much faster turn-around time. So if you are on a tight timeline or budget then these may be the custom badges for you. Perfect for all types of companies, charities, brands and organisations, it just depends on what you need at any given moment.

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