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Hard Enamel Keyrings And Keychains

Our custom made Hard Enamel Keyrings are a great way to promote your new bar, business, charity, college or brand around the clock!

If you want your customers or fans to be thinking of you daily then our range of keyrings are one of the best products for you! Customised Hard enamel keyrings are just our hard enamel badges but with the pin taken off and a key ring attachment of your choice. As well as that, the hard enamel option offers your customers a more premium looking keyring.

Have a look at the possibilities below and you will see the vast array of options to customise your design even further, some at no extra cost. Just choose your design options, upload your artwork and let us do the rest with our free design service. You will receive your goods 28 days later! Simple.

Unsure? Give us a call or email and let’s talk.

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Hard Enamel Pin Badges

Our premium hard enamel pin badges are perfect if you want to add a more premium look to your finished products, with little extra cost, also perfect for a brand or company wanting to present themselves in a more prestige way.

Hard enamel pin badges are made to the same high quality standards as our soft enamel pin badges. The only difference being the enamel is polished down to a smooth flat finish, creating an extremely hard wearing personalised enamel pin badge, that resembles the traditional hard enamel badge, otherwise known as the cloisonne / lapel pin badge. If you are interested in this time-honoured method then please get in touch, but we suggest the hard enamel pin badge as the go to classic look badge for your brand, business, charity or education facility.

They work in any size and shape, any colour can be reproduced using pantone reference system, meaning your brand and message are not sacrificed. So what have you got to lose? We have a variety of unique finishes and styling options you can select to create a truly unique badge design. So start playing with the options below now! All you need to do is specify the main design features, upload your own sketch or design and we will do the rest.

If you are unsure or would like to know more please get in touch.