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Double Sided Coins

Custom double sided coins, battle coins, commemorative coins or challenge coins as they are also known have played a part in military and club tradition for more than a century. Meant to improve unit pride, improve esprit de corps and reward hard work and excellence.

This ethos can be carried through to any modern day brand, charity or organisation too. The highly collectible nature of them means they will be kept for years to come from within your workforce or by your customers.

Our double sided coins (no enamel fill) are die struck or die cast with both sides stamped or cast with your design. You could have the same design on both sides or send in two different designs with no extra cost. The coins are then plated and polished in a style of your choice, such as high polish silver, antique brass or nickel + more. All coins come in protective plastic pouches as standard. We will best advise if your design will be best as die struck or die cast.

Please play with the options below. We do enamel fill versions here and single sided coins here.

If you are unsure or would like to know more please get in touch.


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Upload your design file here. We accept any file type but we recommend you submit either JPG, AI, PDF, EPS, GIF, TIF, ZIP or PSD. If you are unsure on any of this, please fire us an email or call and we can explain it all.


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Estimated delivery between 2024/06/23 - 2024/06/23


Die Struck or Die Cast Double Sided Coins

Whether you are a small start-up brand, band or large organisation, our custom made double sided die struck or die cast coins will get your message across in a personal way. Fear not, you have landed in the right place!

All of our products are considered premium, so you can rest assured that whatever option you choose, it will perfectly live up to its expectations and get you the results you desire.

Check out our design resource page to get the low-down on how to best prepare your file for manufacturing, but don’t worry if design is not your strength, we have a team of experienced designers who can get it perfect free of charge. When placing an order, simply attach whatever file you have. We accept any file type but we recommend you submit either JPG, AI, PDF, EPS, GIF, TIF, ZIP or PSD, or of course the sketch on the napkin, then we will take care of the rest. Simple. Unsure? Give us a call or email and let’s talk.