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Custom Woven Patches & Badges

Our award winning custom woven patches and badges are perfect for any design needing detail and clarity. We usually recommend this product for customers who have detailed designs, embroidered patches being more suited for simpler vintage looking designs.

As well as a more cost effective product, woven patches are slightly cheaper than embroidered due to there being less set up costs involved. If you are unsure on which option to choose please check out our blog post on the differences between woven and embroidered patches.

The patches as standard come ready to sew on, see the options below to see how else you could fix this item to clothing or any other medium. Woven patches are great for fashion related items like hats, bags, denim jackets, sporting clubs and university societies.

The bottom line is choose woven over embroidered if your design is either highly detailed or you want a cleaner or corporate look, but will still be suitable for bands, fashion brands and small to medium sized businesses. It really is all about what you think is best for your particular audience. Get in touch to discuss.

If you would like Chenille patches, please use the contact button and send us an email, and we will happily quote you. Minimum order quantity on chenille patches is 50 pieces.